Macroscopic characteristics in stems of Castanea creanata x C. sativa

  • M. V. Baonza CIFOR-INIA
  • A. Gutierrez Oliva CIFOR-INIA
Keywords: Chestnut, hybrids, Castanea creanata x C. sativa, basic density, growth rate, sapwood, bark


Thirty trees of Castanea crenata x C. sativa from three stands located in Galicia were selected. Both stand and height effect on follows characteristics were studied: thickness and percentage of bark; thickness, rings number and percentage of sapwood; growth rate, green moistue content and wood basic density. Except wood basic density and bark percentage, all the variables studied show significant differences among stands. Height in the stem have no significant effect on growth rate, both thickness and rings number of sapwood, and both percentage and moisture content of bark. At 1.5 m height, average diameter and growth rate show a significant positive correlation coefficient with both bark and sapwood thickness, and they are inversely correlated with bark percentage. No relationship has been found between wood density and growth rate.


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BaonzaM. V., & Gutierrez OlivaA. (1996). Macroscopic characteristics in stems of Castanea creanata x C. sativa. Forest Systems, 5(1), 141-152.
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