Interregional comparative analysis of wild land fires in Spain

  • M. Barjadi Universitat de Lleida
  • D. Molina
Keywords: Wildland fire, Severity index, Frequency index, Fire cause, Spain, 1986-95 decade


We groups Spanish mainland provinces in three regions in order to accomplish this study: Northwest (NW), Mediterranean Coast (LM) and Interior (IP) aimed to explain if there are differences in today’s (decade 1986-95) wildland fire regimes. This grouping follows variations in both climatic conditions, human population densities and land uses, which influence fire causes and behavior. We calculate the frequency index (FI = number of fires / 10000 ha of wildlands) and the severity index (SI = area swept by fire ( 100 / total area of wildands). The latest index was recalculated for both forested and non-forested wildlands. Northwest region has higher FI (27.9) than Interior (4.1) and Mediterranean Coast (6.1) regions. Although frequency indexes for Interior and Mediterranean Coast are lower, the ratio area swept by fire over total forest area do not differ from Northwest ratio. Northwest region has SI values for non-forested wildlands (2.0) higher than other regions (0.4 for IP; and 0.8 for LM). Careful characterization of these regions through meteorological and social factors can help to understand those differences, especially the ones regarding causes.


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BarjadiM., & MolinaD. (1999). Interregional comparative analysis of wild land fires in Spain. Forest Systems, 8(1), 151-170.
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