Recent landscape changes in mediterranean forest systems of Spain

  • P. Regato CIFOR-INIA
  • M. Castejón CIFOR-INIA
  • G. Tella CIFOR-INIA
  • S. Giménez Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • I. Barrera Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • R. Elena-Rosello Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid
Keywords: Forest Dynamics, Landscape Ecology, Spain, Mediterranean


Partial and preliminary results obtained from a Spanish forest formation dynamics study are presented in this paper. Seven land squares located in different land classes and selected according to a fitoclimatological gradient (Allue, 1990), have been diacronically analyzed using aerial photointerpretation and spatial analysis with G.I.S. techniques. As an overall trend, polarization in forest pattern evolution has been detected: Fragmentation and diversification have occurred in coastal and/or periurban areas, and homogenization and extensification have occurred in inner and remote areas.


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RegatoP., CastejónM., TellaG., GiménezS., BarreraI., & Elena-RoselloR. (1999). Recent landscape changes in mediterranean forest systems of Spain. Forest Systems, 8(3), 383-398.
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