Phitoclimatic homologation between Spain and Turkey

  • J. Mª. García López Junta de Castilla y León
Keywords: Phytoclimatology, Homologues, Turkey, Spain


A phytoclimatic homologation between Spain and Turkey is established with two main different objectives: the establishment of the degree of diffusion or originality of the Turkish phytoclimates, and facilitate the exchange of forest material and forest techniques. A search of homologous stations between 375 Turkish stations and more than 600 Spanish have been made, by a paired comparison method. Two affinities categories (loosens and strict) were used and incorporated to special cartographic bases. A 13.34 % of the Turkish surface, located in the maritime periphery of the country was defined as loose –homologous with Spain. The phytoclimatic subtypes better represented in these homologous areas were the Mediterranean (especially the Spanish IV4) and the nemoromediterranean (especially the Sapnish VI(IV)1). The homologous subtypes of predominantly nemoral component are located in north European Tracy and pontic shores, especially in their western half, less affected by the continental influence of asiactic origin. On the contrary, the homologous subtypes of predominantly Mediterranean component are located in the southern European Tracy and in the coastal Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. In the strict homologation process 143 Turkish stations were selected. The IVi Turkish subtypes represent 5/6 of the all the strict homologous stations. The rest (1/6) corresponds to nemoromediterranean Turkish subtypes VI(IV)i (20 stations) or Turkish nemoral VI and VI(V) (9 stations). In Turkey, the homologous regions are located in the margins of the Anatolian Peninsula close to the Mediterranean, Pontic and Aegean seas, and in the western-most parts of the circum–anatolian ring. In the Iberian Peninsula, the strict homologous stations are mainly located south-eastern and south-estern regions, and in a lesser extent the north-eastern region.


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