Provenance test of Pinus pinaster Ait. in Central Spain: Results at age 32

  • R. Alía Miranda CIFOR-INIA
  • J. Moro Serrano CIFOR-INIA
  • J. B. Denis INRA
Keywords: Provenances, Genetic variability, Pinus pinaster


A remeasurement at the age of 32 years of a multisite trial of provenances of Pinus pinaster in Central Spain, allows revising earlier results. Data from a new site, Peñas Negrillas (CR), are available. The analysis considers 11 variables related to growth and form of the trees. A trial with such a long duration suffers from events that cause the data to be incomplete. This requires a more involved statistical analysis that has been oriented to estimate the general adaptability of the individual provenances. In general, results confirm the conclusions obtained from a former measurement at the age of 18 years. Sources from the NW of Iberia show a mediocre growth but with well formed stems. An exception is the provenance from Leiria, that together with that from Arenas de San Pedro, are leaders in growth and form. Provenances from the Sistema Iberico (Cuenca), present good results in growth and form. Those from the Castilian meseta show the worse form, with an average growth, whereas provenances from the Mediterranean littoral appear mediocre on both. Northafrican and Corsican sources show slow growth but an excellent form.


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Alía MirandaR., Moro SerranoJ., & DenisJ. B. (2001). Provenance test of Pinus pinaster Ait. in Central Spain: Results at age 32. Forest Systems, 10(2), 333-354.
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