Populus clones veneer yield and quality along stem

  • M. V. Baonza Merino INIA
  • A. Gutiérrez Oliva
Keywords: Populus, clone, bark, peeling, taper, eccentricity, ovality, wet wood


Some major morphological characteristics in relation to log yield in plywood industries were studied in 13 poplar clones, from Populetum of Zamadueñas (Valladolid). Taper, eccentricity, ovality and bark percentage were analysed. Industrial peeling was made in logs up to 12 m height, analysing the veneer yields and comparing the different quality class among clones at different height levels. Log veneer yields up to 12 m trunk length averaged 60 to 70 % in volume without significant differences among clones. In general, the best performance was found in the middle to lower stem zone. However, clones ‘I-214’, ‘Flevo’, ‘MC’ and ‘PA-1’ maintained their optimum yield even above 10 m height in trunk. ‘Campeador’, ‘I-214’, ‘I-262’, ‘PA-1’ and ‘MC’ showed the best yield and quality performance. ‘Canadá blanco’ and ‘454-40’ have acceptable conditions for this use, but their yield was lower.


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Baonza MerinoM. V., & Gutiérrez OlivaA. (2002). Populus clones veneer yield and quality along stem. Forest Systems, 11(2), 312-323. https://doi.org/10.5424/775
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