Forthcoming issue

VOL 31, Nº 2 (2022)
Longitudinal analysis of Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis full-sibling progenies based on multivariate analysis
Vanessa Ishibashi, Paulo C. Flores-Junior, Diego T. Martinez, Alexandre S. G. Coelho, and Antonio R. Higa
VIS/NIR spectra and color parameters according to leaf age of some Eucalyptus species: influence on their classification and discrimination
Izabel P. Migacz, Jane Manfron, Paulo V. Farago, Vijayasankar Raman, Graciela I. B. de Muñiz and Silvana Nisgoski
Prescribed burning in Pinus cubensis-dominated tropical natural forests: a myco-friendly fire-prevention tool
Francisco Durán-Manual, Juncal Espinosa, Edelmys Pérez-Pereda, Olaya Madiavilla, Gretel Geada-López, Tatek Dejene, Ignacio Sanz-Benito, Pablo Martín-Pinto and Luis W. Martínez-Becerra
Susceptibility to Phytophthora cinnamomi of six holm oak (Quercus ilex) provenances: are results under controlled vs. natural conditions consistent?
Manuela Rodríguez-Romero, Enrique Cardillo, Ramón Santiago and Fernando Pulido
Fine-root chemical traits rather than morphological traits of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook.) plantations vary along an altitudinal gradient in Eastern China
Wei Fan, Jingjing Wang, Huiling Wang, Pengfei Deng, Aiqin Li, Shasha Zhang and Xiaoniu Xu
Species composition and specific aspects of the Green Tree Retention structure in unmanaged mixed forests in Asturias (northern Spain)
J. Javier Gorgoso-Varela
The effect of flowering stage on distribution modelling performance: A case study of Acacia dealbata using maximum entropy modelling and RPA images
Antonio Vazquez de la Cueva, Fernando Montes Pita and Isabel Aulló-Maestro
Sustainable harvests of edible forest mushrooms: perspectives and paradigms in the Anthropocene
David Pilz
Vegetation patches in semiabandoned olive groves: using generalised linear mixed models to determine the effect of area on community composition of woody plants
Francisco Navarro-Rosales and Matthew B. V. Bell
Wild mushroom potential in Ethiopia: An analysis based on supplier and consumer preferences
Dolores Agúndez, Wubalem Tadesse, Tatek Dejene, Pablo Martín-Pinto and Mario Soliño
Short communication: Variation of deadwood density by decay class in Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirbel) Franco) stands in Italy
Alessandro Casagli, Isabella De Meo, Andrea Alfano, Claudia Becagli, Alessandro Orlandini and Alessandro Paletto