Climate change in relation to agriculture: A review

Keywords: greenhouse gases, crop yield, food security, higher temperatures, yield


Climate change is among the most crucial concerns of the world. It is a serious threat to the global agriculture and its overall impact on global agriculture is yet not clear. A rise of 2.5-4.5C is expected in the global temperature until the end of 21st century. The amount of greenhouse gases particularly CO2 is increasing at an alarming rate and is enhancing the plant photosynthesis and productivity. However, this increase in productivity is counteract by the more negative effects of climate change on agriculture like increased evapotranspiration, drought, floods, changes in the amount and distribution of rainfall, higher pest infestations and more irrigation demand. Climate change also affects the nutrients availability and efficiency by influencing microbial activities and population in the soil. Therefore, adaptation of agriculture sector to the changing climate is indispensable because of its sensitivity and size. This review is aimed to document the possible impacts of climate change on agriculture, its causes and future projections. Some strategies are also advised to mitigate the emission of greenhouse gases, to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on agriculture and to make new policies keeping in view their broader consequences on agriculture.


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