Structural analysis of a mounted moldboard plow using the finite element simulation method

Keywords: plow-soil interaction, frame, static analysis, safety factor


Aim of study: Structural analysis of a mounted moldboard plow to redesign and optimise its frame.

Area of study: Shahrekord, Iran

Material and methods: In this study, a complete modeling of a three-bottom moldboard plow was conducted in Solid work 2016 and then, plow-soil interaction model developed in Abaqus 2018. The FEM-simulated draft was compared with the draft calculated by the analytical model.

Main results: The maximum stress and displacement in chassis were determined under different work conditions. The attachment points of the crossbar to the two-lower links of the three-point hitch, the middle of the bottom standard, the head points of the brace and the attachment point of the mast to the top link of the three-point hitch needed to be redesigned. As a result, higher safety factor ranging 2.5-3 is recommended for the mentioned unsafe places.

Research highlights: The obtained results could be used for further studies on the optimization of the moldboard plow frame.


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