Effect of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extracts and glutathione antioxidants on bull semen quality after cryopreservation

  • Hossein Daghigh-Kia Dept. Animal Science. Faculty of Agriculture. University of Tabriz. Tabriz, East Azerbaijan
  • Rasteghar Olfati-Karaji Dept. Animal Science. Faculty of Agriculture. University of Tabriz. Tabriz, East Azerbaijan
  • Ali Hoseinkhani Dept. Animal Science. Faculty of Agriculture. University of Tabriz. Tabriz, East Azerbaijan
  • Iraj Ashrafi Young Researchers and Elites Club. Science and Research Branch. Islamic Azad University. Tehran
Keywords: sperm, freezing extender, reactive oxygen species, herbal antioxidant


The present study determined the effects of the addition of rosemary extract (ROM), glutathione (GSH), and their combination (ROM + GSH) to freezing extender on the quality of bull semen after cryopreservation. Before cryoperservation, the samples were diluted in a tris-egg yolk (TEY) extender containing 5 mM GSH (treatment I), 5 or 10 g L–1 ROM (treatments II and III), and ROM with GSH (5 mM GSH with 5 or 10 g L–1 of ROM) (treatments IV and V). An extender containing no antioxidants (non-ROM/GSH-treated) served as control group. Kinematic parameters were evaluated by means of a computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA). The viability and membrane integrity of the sperm were assessed using eosin-nigrosin stain and the hypo-osmotic swelling test (HOST) at 0 and 2 h after freezethawing. Lipooxidative parameters, superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activity were assessed after thawing. Treatment III showed positive effects for total motility (TM) (p < 0.01), average path velocity (VAP) (p < 0.001), viability (p < 0.01) and HOST (p < 0.01); however, lipid peroxidation (LPO) decreased (p < 0.05) and GPx activity increased (p < 0.05) immediately after thawing compared to the control. The TM (p < 0.01), VAP (p < 0.01), viability (p < 0.01), HOST (p < 0.01) decreased in LPO (p < 0.01) and GPx activity (p < 0.05) for treatment V and the viability and GPx activity (p < 0.05) for treatment I were significantly higher than for the control group at 2 h after thawing. It was concluded that the inclusion of ROM and its combination with GSH improves the post-thaw quality of bull semen.


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Author Biography

Ali Hoseinkhani, Dept. Animal Science. Faculty of Agriculture. University of Tabriz. Tabriz, East Azerbaijan
Department of Animal Science


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