Online laboratory evaluation of seeding-machine application by an acoustic technique

  • Hadi Karimi University of Tabriz, Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. Agricultural Machinery. Tabriz
  • Hossein Navid University of Tabriz, Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. Agricultural Machinery. Tabriz
  • Asghar Mahmoudi University of Tabriz, Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. Agricultural Machinery. Tabriz
Keywords: seeds spacing, seed detection technique, acoustic system, acoustic signal, impact plate


Researchers and planter manufacturers have been working closely to develop an automated system for evaluating performance of seeding. In the present study, an innovative use of acoustic signal for laboratory evaluation of seeding-machine application is described. Seed detection technique of the proposed system was based on a rising voltage value that a microphone sensed in each impaction of seeds to a steel plate. Online determining of seed spacing was done with a script which was written in MATLAB software. To evaluate the acoustic system with desired seed spacing, a testing rig was designed. Seeds of wheat, corn and pelleted tomato were used as experimental material. Typical seed patterns were positioned manually on a belt stand with different spacing patterns. When the belt was running, the falling seeds from the end point of the belt impacted to the steel plate, and their acoustic signal was sensed by the microphone. In each impact, data was processed and spacing between the seeds was automatically obtained. Coefficient of determination of gathered data from the belt system and the corresponding seeds spacing measured with the acoustic system in all runs was about 0.98. This strong correlation indicates that the acoustic system worked well in determining the seeds spacing.


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