Reliability of agriculture universal joint shafts based on temperature measuring in universal joint bearing assemblies

  • Aleksandar Asonja The Association of Intellectuals for the Development of Science in Serbia - "The Serbian Academic Center", Novi Sad
  • Eleonora Desnica University of Novi Sad, Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin", Dept. Mechanical Engineering. Zrenjanin
Keywords: tractor, implements and attachments, needle bearings, maintenance, failure


This paper presents a research into reliability calculations of agriculture double universal joint shafts based on temperature measuring in cardan-type universal joint bearing assemblies. Special laboratory equipment was developed for this research which is presented in the paper. The objective of this research was to test the real life span of universal joint shafts in the laboratory and in field, to obtain the results which can be used to improve the reliability of universal joint shafts. If the presented research were used along with maintenance measures recommended in the paper and with proper use, the level of reliability of the shafts would be 2.1 times higher. The presented results of the research showed that needle bearings, i.e. bearing assemblies of the joints, are the most critical elements on universal joint shafts and are possible causes of their lower reliability. The second universal joint is the part with the lowest reliability in the observed technical system.


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