Forthcoming issue


VOL 20, Nº 2 (2022)

Short Communication: Comparison of hemato-immunological parameters in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): Palomino vs naturally pigmented varieties
Siyavash Soltanian, Amin Gholamhosseini, Mahdi Banaee and Mohammad S. Fereidouni
Nutritional value, feeding behavior, physiological parameters, and performance of crossbred Boer goat kids fed butterfly pea hay and cactus pear meal
Eder J. B. Araújo, Flavia D. S. Pereira, Timóteo S. S. Nunes, Amanda E. Cordeiro, Hermeson C. Silva, Mário A. A. Queiroz, Glayciane C. Gois, Rafael T. S. Rodrigues and Daniel R. Menezes
Systemin modulates defense responses in roots of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.) during the pre-colonization stage of the mycorrhizal symbiosis
Blanca M de la Noval, Norma A. Martínez-Gallardo and John P. Délano-Frier
Bean meal and cactus pear in Santa Inês lamb rations for meat production: Intake, digestibility, performance, carcass yield, and meat quality
José R. S. do Nascimento Júnior; André L. R. Magalhães; Daurivane R. Sousa; Janieire D. C. Bezerra; Airon A. S. Melo; Glayciane C. Gois; Fleming S. Campos; Kelly C. Santos; Kedes P. Pereira; Paulo S. Azevedo and Luana M. Santos
Identifying optimal monitoring strategies to predict soil hydraulic characteristics and water contents by inverse modeling
Leonardo E. Scherger, Javier Valdes-Abellan and Claudio Lexow
Effect of a veterinary antibiotic on the growth of regularly consumed Lebanese plants
Safaa Nassar and Jamilah Borjac
Exploring the economic impact of carbonic fertilisation in greenhouses in western Almería (Spain)
Javier Martínez-Dalmau, Blanca Cuadrado-Alarcón, Alfonso Expósito and Julio Berbel
Reproductive physiology and sexual compatibility of the Spanish olive variety ‘Arbequina’ cultivated in Montenegro
Biljana Lazovic, Mirjana Adakalic and Milan Markovic
Bayesian analysis of additive and non-additive genetic variances of body weight gain traits in crossbred population of Japanese quail
Hadi Faraji-Arough, Gholamreza Dashab, Mahmoud Ghazaghi and Mohammad Rokouei
Short communication: Feed conversion efficiency of male and female Awassi lambs fed on dried olive (Olea europaea) leaves
Mazen Alomar, Mohamad R. Al-Masri and Moutaz Zarkawi
The modernization of traditional vineyards into intensive trellis systems reduces the species richness and abundance of reptiles
José Guerrero-Casado, Antonio J. Carpio, Marta Canós-Burguete, Mizar Torrijo-Salesa, and Francisco S. Tortosa
Weed flora in crop rotation and winter wheat monoculture
Andrzej Woźniak and Myroslawa Soroka
Modeling pesticide translocation injected by endotherapy into the stem of coconut tree (Cocos nucifera L.)
Lourival C. Paraíba, Joana M. S. Ferreira, Vera L. Ferracini, Semiramis R. R. Ramos, Antonio L. Cerdeira, Márcia R. Assalin, Ricardo A. A. Pazianotto, Agnaldo J. Santos, and Carolina C. M. Paraíba
A thermal forecasting model for the overwintering generation of cotton bollworm by remote sensing in the southeast of Caspian Sea
Mahmoud Jokar
Structural analysis of a mounted moldboard plow using the finite element simulation method
Seyed Mohammad Reza Nazemosadat, Davoud Ghanbarian, Mojtaba Naderi-Boldaji, Mohammad Amin Nematollahi
Climate change in relation to agriculture: A review
Waqas Liaqat, Celaleddin Barutçular, Muhammad U. Farooq, Haseeb Ahmad, Muhammad F. Jan, Zahoor Ahmad, Haq Nawaz and Ming Li